by rod on December 7, 2013

East Bros. were located in Melbourne and only in 2013 did we find a reference to this company given an extremely low level of advertising in the newspapers.

Thankfully we did find this example of a tennis racquet.  It would appear they did manufacture golf equipment from a Sydney plant as did other multi sport producers, Slazenger and Spalding.  Even Hedley, had a large vinyl sports products division that made golf club bags.  It is also likely that there was a connection between East Bros. and Chesterfield who made golf clubs as well.  A family member contacted us saying that they didn’t make racquets which lends support to the Chesterfield association.

Given this new information, it is possible that East Bros. made retail specific racquets to make up for a lack of “brand specific” product.

east bros logo

east bros

east bros 1938 ad manufacture golf clubs

east bros 1938 ad EVANS BALFOUR










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