World Tennis Magazine (US) Australians On Tour from 1950′s & 1960′s editions

by rod on February 5, 2012

Recently we received approval from the magazine owner Randolph Walker to scan some photos from some of the early World Tennis Magazines from the 1950′s and 1960′s. In 2011, I was lucky enough to buy a package of magazines from Sydney that spanned late 1950′s to early 1980′s.

Greatly appreciated since copyright laws these days tend to stymie access to any material which deserves to be shared.

Naturally, throughout this period, the Aussies were well represented so it is again with sincere thanks to Randolph that we can present an array of photos not normally available.


world tennis 1960 1939 dc teamaa

1939 Davis Cup Team Quist, McGrath, Crawford and captain Sproule

wtm 1958 from 1950 longwood final sedg brom

Longwood USA final 1950, Frank Sedgman and John Bromwich

wt mag 1957 june merv rose web

Merv Rose 1957


world tennis 1958 thelma long

Thelma Long still playing competitive tennis (right) 1958

world tennis 1960 nf wimb winaa

1960, Neale Fraser wins Wimbledon

world tennis 1960 mulligan hewittaa

Marty Mulligan with Bob Hewitt 1960

world tennis nov1961 nsw emerson crawford fraser

1961 Jack Crawford with Roy Emerson and Neale Fraser

wt mag 1962 italian champs laver defeats emerson

1962 Italian Championships Laver defeats Emerson

world tennis nov196116yo j newcombe orange county junior


John Newcombe, Orange County USA Juniors

world tennis nov 1962 john sharpe jill blackman


John Sharpe & Jill Blackman

world tennis nov1961 margaret hellyer carlos fernandez marries

Margaret Hellyer marries Carlos Fernandez 1961

world tennis nov1961 Dulcie Whittaker Marg Smith

Dulcie Whittaker and Margaret Smith 1961


world tennis mag 1969 lesley turner defeated smith Italian final

Lesley Turner defeating Margaret Smith in the Italian 1969

world tennis july 1963 lehane turneraa

Jan Lehane and Lesley Turner 1963

world tennis 1963 john cody tennis coachaa

John Cody, OS Tennis coach 1963

world tennis 1963 womens teamaa

1963 Australian Women’s Team

world tennis 1963 turner frenchaa

Lesley Turner wins the French 1963

world tennis 1963 roy & joy Emerson

Roy and Joy Emerson 1963

world tennis 1960 mal a roy e brothers in law

Mal and Roy married sisters to become brothers in law.  They look like brothers don’t they?

world tennis 1963 Marg Smith Darlene Hard Orange County US

Margaret Smith defeating Darlene Hard Orange County USA 1963

world tennis 1963 turner lehane dinner party

Lesley Turner and Jan Lehane at a flashy dinner party 1963

world tennis 1963 ebbern smith

Robyn Ebbern and Margaret Smith (left) team up

world tennis 1960 lorraine coghlan marg smith

Lorraine Coghlan with Margaret Smith 1960

world tennis 1960 warren woodcock aaa

Warren Woodcock (right and below) 1960 played the USA circuit

world tennis 1960 laver markaa

Rod Laver with Bob Mark 1960

world tennis 1960 denning NSW val wicks WA

Kay Denning with Val Wicks 1960

world tennis 1960 john sharpe aust

John Sharpe 1960

world tennis 1960 hewitt 19yo howe 34yo

Bob Hewitt and Bob Howe 1960

world tennis 1960 margaret hellyer egyptaa

Margaret Hellyer in Egypt 1960

world tennis 1959 pro tour001aa

Ken and Lew on the pro tour 1959

world tennis 1959 mulligan ken fletcheraa

Marty Mulligan with Ken Fletcher 1959

world tennis 1959 marie martinaa

Marie Martin 1959

world tennis 1959 cooper anderson car parade pro tour

Pro tour procession for Cooper and Anderson 1959

world tennis 1959 bob howe nz finalsaa

Bob Howe in the New Zealand final 1959

world tennis 1959 barry anne phillips mooreaa

Barry and Anne Phillips Moore 1959

world tennis 1959 asley with blind linesmenaa

Line Umpires having a joke with Ashley Cooper






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