Extensive Australian Tournament Singles Results

by rod on January 3, 2009

Welcome to this section on Australian Singles Tennis Results starting from the earliest days through to 2000.

Via the links below you can search out singles titles by event and by winner for many state, regional and major tournaments conducted around Australia from the 1880′s for both men and women.  There are three ways you search, by event- gives a chronology of the event from inception by winner; by winner- allowing you to see all tournaments won by an individual ( a search by name will also find runner up listings separately; by year- enabling an analysis  of all tournaments in a given time period to assess the dominance of a player.

The compilation of this work has been achieved by  South Australian, Andrew Tasiopoulos who has spent countless hours poring over newspapers, association reports, club newsletters, results books etc. to develop these very important records for players and events from the 1880′s through to 2007.

We at tennishistory.com.au thank Andrew for his permission to present this work on our site as a way of helping former players, families and tennis fans gain some knowledge into the way tennis evolved in Australia from the very early days.

Country tournaments, Inter colonial matches and State competitions were well represented by many champion players of the time mixed with local and district champions. To many, some great players who were just a level below the recognised greats may be unheard of, yet you will find it fascinating to learn of champions who dominated their region for long periods or who enjoyed a rivalry with opponents where finals were often played off between the pair year after year.

Each of the files is presented in Flash and you will notice that files can be searched.

There are three files for men’s singles and women’s singles sorted alphabetically by event and player and chronologically.

Men By Event

Men By Winner

Men By Year

Women By Event

Women By Winner

Women By Year

Viewing these files, please appreciate the level of effort that Andrew and we know of others, like Clive Oliver, have spent to actually find this often missing information. We hope that Tennis Australia finds a way to allocate funds to compensate and reward such efforts in order to continue the process to include doubles, mixed doubles and even pennant and association tennis. Perhaps a book about the History of tennis in Australia could be published in which these results could be included as a permanent record of achievement.  It may not be a cheap exercise, however the numbers of players and clubs must surely represent a significant target market to justify such a project even if the financial outcome was a breakeven. We note with interest that Queensland have a “Century of Queensland Tennis”, ‘Tennis West’ for WA and no recent histories for NSW, Tasmania or Victoria except for some individual club productions.

If you wish to view finals results for Australian players (and all others) in Grand Slam Events, we recommend you to visit this excellent search engine site.  www.grandslamhistory.com For others as mentioned check out our links page.


To view the Australian Championships records history back to 1905 please visit the Australian Open records page click here

Here are the Australian Singles Winners of the Overseas GRAND SLAM Tournaments


1907 Norman Brookes (1st OS Player)       1965 Margaret Smith (Court)

1910 Anthony Wilding (NZ)                         1970 Margaret Smith (Court)*

1911 Anthony Wilding (NZ)                         1971 Evonne Goolagong (Cawley)

1912 Anthony Wilding (NZ)                         1980 Evonne Goolagong (Cawley)

1913 Anthony Wilding (NZ)

1914 Norman Brookes

1919 Gerald Patterson

1922 Gerald Patterson

1933 Jack Crawford

1952 Frank Sedgman

1956 Lew Hoad

1957 Lew Hoad

1958 Ashley Cooper

1960 Neil Fraser

1961 Rod Laver

1962 Rod Laver*

1964 Roy Emerson

1965 Roy Emerson

1967 John Newcombe

1968 Rod Laver

1969 Rod Laver*

1970 John Newcombe

1971 John Newcombe

1987 Pat Cash

2002 Lleyton Hewitt



1933 Jack Crawford                                    1962 Margaret Smith (Court)

1953 Ken Rosewall                                     1963 Lesley Turner Bowrey

1956 Lew Hoad                                         1964 Margaret Smith (Court)

1958 Mervyn Rose                                     1965 Lesley Turner Bowrey

1962 Rod Laver*                                         1960 Margaret Smith (Court)

1963 Roy Emerson                                     1970 Margaret Smith (Court)*

1965 Fred Stolle                                        1971 Evonne Goolagong (Cawley)

1966 Tony Roche                                      1973 Margaret Smith (Court)

1967 Roy Emerson

1968 Ken Rosewall

1969 Rod Laver*


US Open

1951 Frank Sedgman                                   1962 Margaret Smith (Court)

1952 Frank Sedgman                                   1969 Margaret Smith (Court)

1956 Ken Rosewall                                      1970 Margaret Smith (Court)*

1957 Malcolm Anderson                               1973 Margaret Smith (Court)

1958 Ashley Cooper                                      2011  Samantha Stosur

1959 Neale Fraser

1960 Neale Fraser

1961 Roy Emerson

1962 Rod Laver*

1964 Roy Emerson

1966 Fred Stolle

1967 John Newcombe

1969 Rod Laver*

1970 Ken Rosewall

1973 John Newcombe

1997 Pat Rafter

1998 Pat Rafter

2001 Lleyton Hewitt


* Grand Slams

Rod Laver 1962, 1969

Margaret Smith (Court) 1970



Anthony Wilding is listed here because NZ & Australia formed the Australasian Teams up to 1922.


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