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Unusual Modern Tennis Racquets 4

by rod on August 14, 2008

In this section we present some of the modern unusual models that designers have been trying to create some differentiation.

As pointed out previously, many different designs have been tried over the years, but still we have today new racquets being launched with unusual features that have been seen before in one form or another. With changing materials that provide greater strength who knows if these designs will create a new niche in the market that others may follow. They are certainly collector items for the future.


Copy of Vortex ES108

The company is called VORTEX

Now while the racquet is pretty much a traditional shape, the reduced string pattern is designed along the Snauwaert Hi-10 lines of the 90′s which works on the theory that fewer strings increase the grip or cut on a ball.

Having just acquired one, I am amazed at how good this racquet feels and being a bit more of an old school player, the sliced backhands and serves are quite something.

x45 pro 2014 (3)

This new racquet picks up where Snauwaert’s Ergonom left off.  Call the X-45 it is pretty much the modern day version with a sleek look and better graphite. Visit


Powerangle: Diagonal strung low vibration racquets from the USA Company credited with the MADRAQ. Approved by the ITF for tournament play, these racquets do increase sting life and apply greater spin due to the lower string movement on impact with a ball.Visit


JENRO 2edit

JENRO 4 edit

Next we have the removeable head concept by JENRO. The head comes away from the handle as attempted by designs from Tretorn, Maynard and Snauwaert.
In the mid 1980′s a foldable racquet model called JEANROT, made by Snauwaert appeared and this is I guess the latest attempt to create a compact carry racquet.


neoxxline fullaaa

A blend between the famous offset head of the Snauwaert Ergonom, the curved grip concept of Bio Sports ‘The Gripper’ and the Erge from Sweden here we have the NEOXXLINE (CARVING STAR)  tennis and squash racquets.
As of 2011, all websites no longer functioned so sadly the company we think based in Germany has most likely folded.

the natural handler 2014 (25) edit

The Double handle models are featured in the other sections but both are still being promoted today.

The Handler and The Natural.  There is a new model from The Natural Tennis Company called the Diamond


This is the 2015 Toalson PANDORA model with a most odd shape head which 46 sq in. on one side and 52 sq in. on the other. The promise is amazing spin but I have no idea on what basis this happens.



Babolat Side Driver is a very pretty design with an open shoulder design.

uniflex (2)

The Racetrack design PRO SPEX UNIFLEX model is also quite odd.

ojoee (1)

The OJOEE with this pretty but counter intuitive to good play design is another attempt at string equilibrium tried in the Lacoste Equijet design and Spalding’s Orbitech circular shape.


wilson ultra xp 125

The Wilson XP 125 sq. in. frame features a quite odd long string pattern reminiscent of Prince’s Triple Threat RING and the SP.IN models. Apparently, these were recalled possibly due to breakage at the throat area where all the mains are under full pressure on a small surface area.  However as racquets go super attractive.


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